Alliance CAAZ Policies


All members of the Alliance CAAZ community, including players and staff, must follow these guidelines, at Alliance CAAZ events, at Alliance CAAZ-affiliated social gatherings such as Afters, and on Alliance CAAZ online social platforms such as Discord and Facebook. Repeated or serious violations of these guidelines, even if they do not occur at an Alliance LARP-affiliated event, may also be subject to consequences under this code of conduct.

The core principle of this Code of Conduct is to create an environment that is as safe, fun, inclusive, and accessible as possible for all of our players. This Code is intended as a set of guidelines to achieve that end, but it is not all-inclusive. Any action which creates an unsafe or hostile environment or which precludes a fair game, even if not explicitly delineated in the code, may be considered a violation.

Alliance CAAZ currently does not have a page policy and you must be at least 18 years old in order to participate in our events.

* Follow the rules. This includes the game rules in the Alliance Rulebook, as well as Alliance CAAZ policies, campsite rules, and safety rules, whether presented in writing or announced verbally.
* Do not cheat. Follow and uphold the spirit and letter of the games rules to the best of your ability. Rules questions can be directed to any Marshal.
* Respect the calls of the Marshal and/or Plot Member on the field. Do not argue with a call; instead, follow the proper procedures for adjudication after the fact.
Harassment, Assault, Discrimination & Bullying:
* Treat everyone with respect.
* Do not threaten or intimidate people out-of-game.
* Do not harass participants, make them feel unsafe, or contribute to a hostile environment.
* Do not sexually harass anyone, in-game or out-of-game. This includes public sexual behavior, sexual comments, and all forms of sexual assault. 
* Do not physically assault others except as described by the combat rules of the game.
* Do not verbally assault anyone out-of-game.
* Do not discriminate or make jokes on the basis of characteristics such as race, sex, sexual orientation, gender expression, disability, national origin, citizenship, or religious beliefs.
* Griefing, hazing, and trolling are not permitted. Do not use in-game antagonism as a method of harassment, or to carry over out-of-game grudges. In-game actions taken against others in apparent bad faith will be subject to potential disciplinary action.
* If asked to stop any of the above behaviors, comply immediately. The out of game gesture (hand on head) or the phrase “Out of game” may be used to clarify that a request is out-of-game.

Consent & Safety:
* Make a good-faith effort to uphold requests made by community members to keep them uninvolved in plots whose themes relate to their phobias, past traumas, or other similarly sensitive topics.
* Make a good-faith effort to use our consent and check-in tools to ensure that all players are having a safe and fun game.

Procedure for Code Violations:
If you feel there has been a breach of the Code of Conduct, please report it. We are unable to help if we aren’t aware there is a problem. The Player Reps, Plot, and Management staff are your best point of contact for this, but you may always bring concerns to any staff member you feel comfortable with. Ownership/Staff  will confer with the reporting staff member, and other staff where appropriate, to determine an appropriate course of action. Wherever possible, the anonymity of both the person who filed the complaint and the target will be preserved. Consequences for Code of Conduct violations may range from a verbal warning to a ban from Alliance CAAZ. This will depend on a number of factors, including the seriousness of the violation and the presence of prior violations, but the general goal of any actions taken is to correct the violating behavior, not to punish.



The following are our rules for Roleplaying in the Alliance LARP California-Arizona Discord channel.

The Discord channel can be found at:

* The normal Alliance CAAZ Code of Conduct applies here, as do the Alliance game rules except as described below.
* This is intended to be a space for player-led RP, a way for our community to stay connected while we are not running events. Please be aware that this is an entirely opt-in activity, for our staff as well as PCs. Everyone has varying levels of interest and ability to participate in this RP during these times; please be respectful of people’s OOG realities while you RP.
* The RP channels will NOT be led or planned by the Alliance CAAZ Plot/Staff. Plot Team will only be available to run specific cast characters with proper scheduling and in the venue that they choose. Plot Team may decide to play cast characters at their discretion and choosing in the RP channels.
* While this is not our normal mode of RP, your words and actions here still count. All Discord-based RP is considered canon, and what you do may have effects on the game world and other characters, which may persist to in-game events. (edited)
* Outside of events being run by a member(s) of our plot team, any use of game abilities is purely consent-based in nature. That means if you elect to cast spells or engage in combat, the outcome of individual actions and of the encounter as a whole is decided by mutual agreement of the involved players. You’re free to decide how you resolve things (collaborative narration, dice rolls, etc.) but there will be no adjudication by plot members or marshals. If you are not comfortable with this system, please do not use game abilities on other player characters.
* You may RP using whatever skills, spells, and magic items your character normally has. Our usual LCO item rules still apply. Logistics periods will not be deducted from your magic items.
* You may RP using a reasonable number of consumable items, without the need to expend tags -- please keep it to the quantity and kind of items your character would normally have access to.
* Roleplay in the Discord is public information. Any statements, threats, information is public information. (Overheard and disseminated by someone passing by, tavern keep, or patron.) So knowledge written in the In-Game channels can be known IG by your character. Secretive talks or things you don’t want made public should be moved to a private message. 
* The following actions cannot be performed in Discord. Plot Team may make exceptions to these rules at their (not your) discretion.
   * Ritual casting
   * Entering a Death count, Dying, or Resurrecting.
   * Using times ever ritual magic
   * Any use of LCO abilities or other weird stuff that has not been specifically been approved by Plot Team for use in Discord RP.



Alliance California/Arizona (CAAZ) will be run in a 24/7 format during physical events. Content can be put out at random intervals and at all hours of the day or night. We also strive for immersion in both the environment and during in-game interactions. We ask that players and staff remain in game to the best of their ability. Metagaming (using out of game knowledge to influence events in game) can take away from the experiences of all involved. Once the event is started, staying in character will help keep everyone in a setting that is as detailed and immersive as possible. If you are new, please do not worry. Prior to the start of every game, we will lay this out at opening announcements and answer any questions about immersion or how to best avoid metagaming comments.


Character history plot is specific to new players who are created at Alliance CAAZ. Before you submit a character history to CHP, be familiar with the Alliance rulebook and read into the established lore. Feel free to submit your characters background to After three events, you may then reach out to CHP and schedule a Zoom meeting with our staff to finalize your characters history.

If you have any questions about character history plot, please reach out to the email above. 


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